Key Highlights

  • Premium Voice Quality

    Our primary goal is to deliver you a high quality voice service. Whether you're calling next door or to Timbuktu, we want to make sure your call goes through quickly and the voice quality is second to none.

    Low Rates

    We're tired of the big phone companies charging an arm and a leg to make international calls. We strive to offer you low, competitive market rates so that you get the best value for your hard earned money.

    Online Control Panel

    Login to the and gain access to your control panel. Recharge your account, view your call history, view your billing history, add phone numbers to your account or even manage speed dialing! You've never had so much convenience at your fingertips.

    Phone Features

    Some customers are not comfortable with the Internet, or they simply don't have access all the time. We understand that! We offer many capabilities through the phone as well. Recharge your account with a credit card through the phone, manage speed dials, transfer funds between accounts or simply check your balance.

  • Pinless Dial, Speed Dial and Direct Dial

    • Pinless dialing allows you to use the service without a PIN number.
    • Speed Dial allows you to call into the system and dial a single digit instead of a long international phone number. Store up to 10 speed dials in one account.
    • Direct Dial allows you to call an access number and have the call ring directly at your international destination! It can't get more convenient than that!


    We want to make sure your call goes through when you call our system. That is why we constantly monitor the system to make sure that we have enough capacity to ensure that you don't get a busy signal.

    Auto Recharge

    With auto recharge, you will never run out of calling minutes. Just don’t forget to setup this option in your online account dashboard with threshold and you’re good to go.

    Recharge by Phone

    Gone are the days, where you only bound to recharge your account online. Now, you can do a recharge on your phone by dialing the access number and then selecting the option ‐ * #